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This will be due to a background revelation or your discovery of a secret. Unavoidable transformations and a new set of rules regarding money and self-sufficiency will define these results. There could be some news about financial assistance. Mars in your social sector sextile Jupiter in your sign can give you a boost of energy and optimism as your faith in others is restored, or your public actions bring pleasing results. Mercury RX in your hidden sector trine Neptune RX reconnects you to some hidden or intuitive information from October 15th.

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This may involve an illness, issue with family, addiction or need for increased compassion. Pay attention to what you suspect is going on behind the scenes. Be careful with that what's going on at home does not undermine your self esteem. You have a good chance of manifesting something that you really want. Mars in your career sector sextile Jupiter adds successful actions and ambitions. Issues with management or moving forward can go in your favor if you tap into hidden but helpful energies.

Mercury RX in your social sector trine Neptune RX indicates the return to a compassionate or idealistic conversation from October 15th. An apology, promise or social belief can be revisited or confirmed. But Venus in your hidden sector square Neptune cautions you not to get caught up in hidden desires or secret romantic attractions.

You may be reading too much into what's being said. Too, there can be some deceit involved. The Full Moon in your domestic sector illuminates a key home or family issue that has taken up the majority of your focus. This could involve a family relationship that you're devoted to, or the security of your foundation. A professional conversation or return to a work issue from the past will clarify your domestic issues.

This could be an important decision about your professional and personal future. An ongoing transformation and ending that's taking place in the background will define the parameters of this decision. This may involve the shifting state of your financial security or a second look at a future goal that gives you more room to breathe.

US shale oil reviving East Coast refineries |

However, Venus in your social sector square Neptune is a warning to remain grounded in reality. Don't undermine your public image, or your friendships, with unwise decisions based on insecurities. The Full Moon in your communication sector illuminates a key idea or conversation that you've been focusing on.

There could be an answer or official result based on the clarification of issues involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing. This idea or information may be sacred to you, or the intensity of your focus could be strengthening the issue.

Love and Compatibility for February 17 Zodiac

Changes and endings with your public image, friendships or a social group will define your commitment to what you've learned. This could be about putting a dream into words, or looking more closely at the details of a powerful belief. Venus in your career sectors square Neptune suggest that you can undermine your professional image or a professional relationship if you forget about boundaries and primary values.

Be very cautious about getting caught up in what looks good but it is unproven. Aries The Full Moon in your sector of personal resources hi-lights your focus on earned money, self- esteem or personal values. Taurus The Full Moon and Vesta in your sign illuminate a key issue around identity, physical appearance, finances or values.

Career Horoscopes

Gemini The Full Moon in your hidden sector illuminates an obscured but crucial issue that is absolutely sacred. Cancer The Full Moon in your social sector illuminates issues involving a friendship, group association or your public image. Virgo The Full Moon in your sector of opportunities presents results about your devotion to education, travel, a specific belief, legal matters or publishing. Libra The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources illuminates results involving shared finances, intimacy or psychological issues.

Sagittarius The Full Moon in your sector of routine highlights a specific issue related to work or health. Once you get the all-clear from Mercury, you can go as big and wide as you desire! On November 22, the Sun starts its annual four-week sojourn into Sagittarius and your career zone, stoking your ambition and putting your accomplishments in lights.

The November 26 Sagittarius new moon could bring an exciting offer or a peak career moment, whether that means record-breaking Black Friday sales or clarity around your professional path you can pursue in the new decade.

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Yearly Love Horoscope: 2012 Love Guide for Scorpio

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