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This Week: On Monday, take a stand; you draw the results that you desire. Be willing to look beyond the obvious. Some of you might need to totally escape the here and now by going to the movies or taking a day trip — whatever clears your mind and allows you to think. Tonight: A partner inspires you. This Week: Reach out for someone who you care about. He or she will be delighted to hear from you.

One-on-one relating could help you be more in touch with your values as well as a partner's. You might gain through a sudden realization. You may want to do some thinking. Pace yourself. Go to a relaxing happening. Tonight: Togetherness works. This Week: Emphasize and acknowledge the importance of a key individual in your life.

Defer to a loved one or close friend. He or she will be delighted and surprised to call the shots for one day. Your imagination delights a child or a new friend. A partner might become jealous. Be careful.

March 10 Birthday Horoscope - March 10th Zodiac Sign Personality

Tonight: Living life intensely. This Week: Defer to others. They seem to be on a roll and want to follow through in their style. You might be more imaginative and creative than you think you are. You could be upset about a slow realization involving your family or a domestic situation. Don't take this insight as a final statement. Tonight: Letting your hair down. This Week: On Monday, play it relaxed, but do work. People bounce in and out of your week.

When questioning what needs to happen, refer to basics. You know what makes you comfortable. A child or a loved one delights in spending extra time with you.

March 10 Birthday Astrology

Your instincts will guide you. Tonight: Hang out with a loved one. This Week: On Monday, unleash your creativity; many different ideas float through the following few days. Be aware of what a family member wants and needs.

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You could be very tired and not content with news that's coming forward. Resist totally cocooning, and invite a pal to join you. Not every weekend has to be wild and exciting. Tonight: Make it easy. This Week: You come from a basic point of view and add your ingenuity in order to create more of what you want.

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Your instincts carry you through any hassle that might head your way. You could hear unexpected news or have an unanticipated problem with your vehicle, your cellphone or another form of communication. Tonight: Chill. Keep your perspective. This Week: Ask for what you want.

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Let them know you are not in the least bit intimidated. You don't need to get aggressive about it — laughing at them will hurt a lot more. You may not be the sort who listens to advice but you would be wise to do so now.

A friend knows a great deal about a situation that is causing you problems, so why not let their knowledge benefit you? Don't be too stubborn for your own good. Don't be afraid to approach someone in a position of power if there is something they can do for you.

The planets indicate there is every possibility they will be happy to help you, so what are you waiting for? It never hurts to ask. Don't stifle the urge to travel just because you have a mountain of work to get through. There are ways you can find time for your own needs, not least by getting other people to shoulder some of the burden. You don't have to do it all on your own. Why do you question what other people tell you?

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Chances are there is no valid reason why you should doubt what they say, so put your suspicious nature on hold for a bit and let them guide you with good advice. Or do you really know it all? You may wish that you were somewhere else at the moment but the fact is you are right where you are supposed to be. Once you acknowledge that fact you will find it much easier to enjoy life. You'll enjoy considerably more success as well.

Act as if you can do as you please.


Act as if the world is your playground. Your mind is more powerful than you give it credit for and if you believe something strongly enough you can make it come true. Put that theory to the test this weekend.

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Mars, planet of energy, will help you push ahead with a project that means a lot to you personally — but you must not go it alone. The more people you can bring into your planning orbit the more likely you are to succeed. It's that simple. There is a better than even chance that you will offend someone over the next 48 hours, but that's okay.