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Saturn is having lordship of the 9th and 10th house for Taurus ascendant, and its transit will affect these houses. The health of your father is likely to suffer during this period. So you'd do well to take good care of your father in this phase. Saturn's aspect will be on the 5th house in this transit, and the same can affect your children's health. Common cold or a cough related small ailments could disturb the health of your kids. A visit or two to the doctor may be required to set the things right. Complete Taurus Health Horoscope.

Gemini Health Horoscope. Gemini Health horoscope : Transit of Jupiter is going to give adverse results in health. Diseases associated with Jupiter like sluggish liver, obesity,, etc is possible, so in case people who are already suffering from these diseases are likely to feel the intensity of these diseases more than the earlier periods. Also, lack of vigor and stomach related issues can also crop in during the year.

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Regular exercise along with strict watch on your eating habits is going to go a long way in overcoming the health issues in this year. Avoid junk food and big fried eating this year. Complete Gemini Health Horoscope. Cancer Health Horoscope. Cancer Health Horoscope : Jupiter's transit which is moving across the 5th from your moon sign is a benefic transit for you.

Jupiter will give aspect to your ascendant and 9th house, and this will strengthen your luck and give health benefits in this year. If any chronic health issues were troubling from an earlier year, then chances of improvement in the same are strong in this period. Complete Cancer Health Horoscope. How Will Your Be? Leo Health Horoscope.

Health Astrology Prediction - Medical Astrology Forecast

Leo Health horoscope : Jupiter will be transiting in Scorpio Sign in your 4th house, from January to 30th of March and then from 23rd of April till 4th of November This particular transit is not very conducive for students and educational or intellectual activities, but fortunately, the Jupiter's transit is Sagittarius sign over your 5th house is a favorable transit and it will remain in force from 30th of March to 22nd of April and from 5th of November onwards. Complete Leo Health Horoscope.

Virgo Health Horoscope. Virgo Health Horoscope : Jupiter in transit is moving across over the 3rd from your Moon-sign. This is the most adverse transit of Jupiter, and you should remain very careful and cautious regarding your health this year. More particularly you are likely to suffer from stress and sickness due to overwork.

If you are already suffering from any ailment, then chances of the same getting aggravated are going to be possible. You too, next to those signs mentioned above, have an impeccable physical condition, with low risk of developing diseases. You can live a long, beautiful life if you adopt a healthy lifestyle. The only thing that should concern you is negligence, which causes you headaches both at home and at work, with all kinds of bruises and scratches unexpectedly occurring overnight. You are famous for your strong immune system. You have a balanced nature, your preferred combination is that of sport and healthy diet, and because of that, you become immune to any whims of the weather and any seasonal affections.

2020 Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope – Health and Well Being

Your main issue is and will be the stress, this element triggering the majority of great and serious health issues…. Last but not least, the Aries. Leo rules the heart dorsal spine and nerves as well as the blood circulation, spleen, and wrists. Back problems are a common Leonine complaint so you must always take special care when lifting.

This year the emphasis has shifted shift from material concerns to matters of the heart. However, all Leos will start walking with a spring in their step and will smile a lot more than in last year. Now the warnings: For some, there may be a parting of the ways but if your relationship is strong you have nothing to fear.

Be particularly careful in August. You are liable to neglect your health because you are so involved in sorting out so many things during the coming year. This would be a good year to make positive improvements in your lifestyle. Most of you have a middle stature are slender and have a dark complexion and dark brown hair. You have a well-composed body. However, Virgo also governs the fingernails and many of you have nails that a girl would kill for.

Your health worries are normally connected with bowels so make sure you get your fiber. The radical changes are behind you and now, at last, you can begin to feel more settled. You may have experienced some health problems which are now on the mend. The second half of the year is best for you. By then everything will have clicked into place. Be sure to wrap up warm because you may be prone to colds particularly in May. And take plenty of vitamins and minerals. Many have auburn hair a clear complexion and bright blue eyes.

The illnesses you must guard against include kidney complaints and bladder disorders.


This influence of Uranus in your chart throughout the coming year means that this is a year of surprises. You started the year on a low ebb with a lack of energy but by now the year has gathered momentum. A generally fortunate year but watch out for those temper fits particularly through Spring. There are travel opportunities shown in May, July, August, and September.

Astrology Health Forecast - Medical Astrology

You may even enjoy a sport of some kind and will brim over with energy. Be especially careful in early September. They have broad faces dusty complexions and brown bush hair. Their eyes are generally dark and they have thick necks. On the downside, their legs are often bowed and have a tendency to be hairy. The sign of Scorpio governs the bladder colon, prostate, and nasal bones. And, surprise, surprise, it governs the sexual organs.

Scorpio must be careful of hernia and may suffer from menstrual disorders. The last few years have not been easy but you may have noticed that the pressure began to ease from February on. You still tended to brood over issues and are still much too cynical.

The rest of the coming year sees you being much more tolerant and easy-going. This year you will turn over a new leaf and see the way ahead with far greater clarity. A persistent health problem, particularly those connected with bones and joints, will be eased this year. The planets point to a recovery from illness and healing powers are at work within your life.